Bignell & Andrews Do A Fringe!

from Sweet Productions

Once upon a time, Bignell & Andrews did a show, and it was great and exciting and there was touring planned… Then the thing happened, so they sat in their houses and just got a bit stranger than they already were. Now the award-winning duo return! A win all round!

Inspired by the joys of older comedy shows, like Morecombe and Wise and The Two Ronnies, but by way of Monty Python and Kids in the Hall. Bignell and Andrews want to share their surreal world with all their new friends in the room, after all, you've turned up to be in their front room, so you know what you're here for... 

Comedy madness and surreal musical musings, come and hang out for an hour – they’ve missed you!

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Thu 15th July, 5.30pm

Sat 17th July, 5.30pm

Run time: 60 minutes