from Spanner In The Works Theatre Company

Written and directed by Patricia Downey.

Mary, Katie and Colleen - teenagers in late 1970s Belfast 
and best friends ever since. 


"I don't think Clarke's Dance Studio is top of the bombers' list." 


"Never mind the bombs, I'm not learning to dance like John Travolta."


Three friends enduring everything that life and history throw at them. Hard-hitting, contemporary, female-led theatre.


"Wow! What an amazing play and performance! It had me laughing one moment and crying my eyes out the next. It was outstanding. The play itself is amazing and the acting and directing was fabulous."Audience feedback
"Truly heartfelt performances, exploring difficult and sensitive issues in an entertaining and informative way."Audience feedback


Buttercup by Spanner in the Works Theatre Company won a Thrive 
Audience Delight Award in 2021.


Warning – this play deals with suicide and contains scenes that some may find distressing. It also reflects the language and attitudes of its time. Some may find this content offensive.


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Mon 19th July, 4pm

Tue 20th July, 4pm

Wed 21st July, 7pm

Thu 22nd July, 5.30pm

Sat 24th July, 1pm

Run time: 50 minutes