Cast Vs Crew

from Foolish Bandits

Bored with your normal fairytales? Wishing there were more random props, lighting effects and sound cues thrown in? Want to see the beloved stories of your childhood descend into chaos and anarchy?

Have we got the show for you!

The audience picks a well-known fairytale. The Cast attempt to perform it. The Crew ruin everything by throwing everything they have at the Cast in an attempt to derail the show. The Cast have to improvise around the new props, lights and sounds, incorporating them into the show and carrying on no matter what happens!

Every show is different, based on a well-known fairytale but still (somehow) almost totally improvised. No-one knows what will happen, not even the people performing the show! Previous shows have included a Bear Princess, a rapping lumberjack and Olympic medallist Jessica Ennis being swept offstage by highway maintenance officer with a broom. Come along and be part of the chaos!

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Sat 10th July, 10pm

Sun 11th July, 7pm

Thu 15th July, 10pm

Fri 23rd July, 10.30pm

Sat 24th July, 5.30pm

Run time: 45 minutes