Dressing Up Dietrich

from Patricia Hartshorne

Patricia's coming out... of Marlene Dietrich's suitcase! With the all-important wig, trilby and suits, top hats, sequins and suspenders. Comic and poignant solo cabaret, based on that androgynous cross-dressing legend of the twentieth century. Fast-moving, like Dietrich's long line of lovers - male and female. Patricia brings Marlene to life before your very eyes, with songs in German, French and English. Hear about award-winning Patricia's adventures on tour with 'Miss Dietrich'. Meet the woman who was way ahead of her time, a bisexual icon who answered to nobody – not even Adolf Hitler!


"gets under the skin of Marlene"  **** THE STAGE

"uncannily like Dietrich"  **** BROADWAY BABY

"wickedly good theatre"   ***** GCN DUBLIN

Thu 8th July, 2.30pm

Fri 9th July, 2.30pm

Sat 10th July, 8.30pm

Sun 11th July, 2.30pm

Mon 12th July, 2.30pm

Run time: 60 minutes