Dracula! One Bloody Fang After Another

from Hambledon Productions

One man. Eighteen roles. Plenty at stake…


Whitby, England, 1897. What kept you?


A haunting, paranormal force has gripped the town. The young Lucy Westenra is taken ill and psychiatrist Dr. Seward calls on his mentor Professor Van Helsing for his advice. The Professor has a perplexing diagnosis – Lucy carries all the symptoms of a vampire’s latest victim.


So begins a frenzied stab at trying to uncloak Count Dracula as the vampire in their midst. Sadly, it gets quite “midsty” in Whitby at times…


Bram Stoker’s immortal horror story is given an affectionate lampooning in this physical, riotous comedy. Now, it is truly horrific.  

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Thu 8th July, 9.45pm

Sat 10th July, 6.45pm

Sun 11th July, 8.15pm

Run time: 75 minutes