Him Indoors

from Cheekykita Presents

The Mighty Boosh meets The Wicker Man, with eels. But the eels are demons. And they’re inside a northern girl who looks a bit like the exorcist, but with a better sense of humour.Welcome to Tittitutar Town. A laugh-out-loud, three-hander comedy horror show.In a quaint Northern town something’s not quite right and a very serious journalist is determined to get to the bottom of it. A spooky woman claims she has a small man inside her.. Meet the town’s many strange inhabitants and come and see for yourself.. 

“I might have proposed marriage as it's such a delight, inventive, imaginative, insane and probably many other fantastic words that begin with ‘I’ [...] Definitely worth seeking out. A stunning piece of absurdity.” Alex Finch, Comedy to Watch

"The silliest, maddest, funniest hour I've ever spent" ***** (Fringe Review).

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Thu 15th July, 2.30pm

Fri 16th July, 2.30pm

Sat 17th July, 2.30pm

Run time: 60 minutes