Impromptu Shakespeare

from Impromptu Shakespeare Improv Company

Sad that Shakespeare hasn’t written anything new for over 400 years? 

Well, hold onto your doublets, ruffs and trunk hose. The Bard is back! With story and verse improvised in the moment, enjoy a riotous new Shakespeare play every time – performed by Impromptu Shakespeare’s whip smart cast.

Packed with priceless wit, lyrical smarts, romance, and a dash of double-crossing, this leading ensemble do the Bard proud with a brand new one-act hit every time, inspired by audience suggestions.

Impromptu Shakespeare have been a smash hit at the Edinburgh Fringe, Bristol Shakespeare Festival, and appeared on BBC Shakespeare Live.

“Simply sublime… side-splittingly hilarious” ★★★★★ (

“Shakespeare from the hip; ingenious and very funny” (Will Gompertz, BBC Arts Editor)

“Intelligent, funny, all of the adjectives for brilliant” ★★★★★ Pocket Size Theatre

“It’s just so much fun!” ★★★★ North West End

“Seasoned improv artists at the top of their game” ★★★★ StageTalk Magazine



Fri 23rd July, 7pm

Sat 24th July, 8.30pm

Run time: 60 minutes