Zoe Bury: Oversharing

from Zoe Bury


Zoe Bury debuts her new show at Buxton Fringe


Up and coming local comedian Zoe Bury is premiering her one-woman show at Buxton Fringe this July!  Her no-filter approach will make audiences laugh, cry and cringe as she delves into her most embarrassing moments.


Stand-up comedian Zoe Bury is a nurse with three kids and a visual impairment. In her new show - Zoe Bury: Oversharing - there’s no such thing as TMI as Zoe describes the most toe-curling moments in her life, from finding herself glued to a patient, to the darkly funny aspects of her recently acquired disability.


This warm, witty, feel-good show is the perfect antidote to Covid times, as Zoe explores the pitfalls of parenthood, catholicism, sanitary towels and generally being unprepared for the myriad of challenges thrown at us by the modern world. 


Zoe said: “If you think you’re struggling with life then come along and see my show, you’ll realise what a success you really are! 


“My downfall has always been oversharing, which has resulted in some highly embarrassing moments for me, but hopefully now this oversharing will help the Buxton Fringe audience let go and be kinder to themselves! There’s so much pressure to be perfect but being perfectly imperfect is much more fun!”



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Tue 13th July, 7pm

Fri 16th July, 5.30pm

Sun 18th July, 8.30pm

Wed 21st July, 5.30pm

Run time: 45 minutes